AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

How Much Do You Love Me

I look at you and think,
do you love me even half as much as I do?
every thought every moment
is filled with only you..
what binds me to you?
like a clinging vine to a tree,
sucking nourishment just to be alive..
for me its only you...
what is it about your eyes
that drown me in their depths,
your face that I look at every morning,
sleeping softly by my side,
your breath that is sweeter than any heady wine,
your arms that hold me,
and tell me you are mine,
but do you realy love me, as much as I do?
my love for you knows no bounds,
it is immeasurable, forgiving,
it asks not much, it is only giving and more giving,
your voice that is imprinted on my ears,
a sweet music, a divine chant,
I try to figure out but I cant..
why do I love you so..
we knew we were made for each other,
we have had many wonderful years together,
life has been full of ups and downs,
weve had our share of sorrows and frowns,
but the one thing that has held us together,
is my love for you..
it is for ever forever
and still I wonder do you love me
even half as much as I do...

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I wish he does...... This is beautiful. You are definitely talented with immense warmth in your thoughts...... great writing.