How Much For Your Time (I Understand)

How much for you time?
I understand that you’re busy.
I understand that you’re broke
I understand they are your friends.
After a session with them do you remember my name?
You don’t remember to call….

How much for your time?
A weeks worth of car money?
A cell phone?
A house?
A new job?

How much for your time?
I understand you feel sick.
You just woke up?
…. I’ll call you later.
I understand. I understand.
I have something on my mind.
Can you listen?
Okay perhaps another time.

How much for your time?
Pennies in my back pocket.
A car payment and cell bill in yours?
In my head I am thinking…..
I didn’t know money had an effect on how much you miss me.

I’m tired of crying and if I didn’t Love you I wouldn’t be here.
But I’m tired of pretending nothing’s wrong and I’m not happy.
He is so close…..
And I miss when you wanted to be….

You are right it is nothing….
I understand…. Yeah Love you too.
Let me know when you have time….
I understand.

by Tabitha Castillo

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