How Much I Care For You

How must I explain the why I feel cause I know my love is for real. It's makes me happy just being by your side your must know I can't bear the pain when we are apart, but one thing for sho you will always be in my heart. Nobody is more special then you are to me now I hope you are beginning to see how much I care for you and all of my feelings will always be true. I can't explain how much I care but when you need me I will be there. To wipe away your tears when you are sad to make you happy when you are mad. All of this thing I can do just remember am thinking fo you. You are on my mind
24-7 being with you is like being in heaven. At times we have our fight even through am right. my feelings for you will stay the same how much I care for you will never change.

by Kieonie Burgess

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