YK (18-10-1993 / Leeds)

How Much I Loved You

The chilly, bitter night air,
And out of the window I stare,
I feel so cold and numb,
As I look at this world that’s so sad and glum.
As the sky becomes dark and cloudy,
I remembered what you said to me,
Then as a storm draws nearer,
I only wish that things could be clearer
You said that you would always be there,
But now I know that life’s not fair,
And now I know I really need you
And you leaving us has left me feeling blue,
As lightening rips thought the air,
Showing the landscape, cold and bare,
As rain crashes to the hard floor,
I wonder if I can take it with out you any more,
I wonder if you’re happier up in heaven above,
I wonder if you will be shown love,
I wonder if you ever knew,
How much I loved you.
One day, if I join you there,
The rest of eternity we will share.

by Yasmin Khodaie

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