A Hard Hit

It was hard hitting speech
It was not meant to preach
He did not try to teach
It was earnest try to breach

Very few people try to bridge the gulf
It is very difficult to practice on self
We always try it in somebody’s domain
By touch wood we remain coolly same

It can be an isolated incidence
It should not draw wrong reference
It is meant to be real moral issue
We need close study and periodical review

You may find many preachers
You may come across also many researchers
There are schools of learned teachers
Also there is no dearth of broachers

It is yet to prove ones own credentials
We can’t endorse it or put the initials
It has got to be incredible and real
Everything has to be transparent and nothing to conceal

Moral forces can’t afford to be weak
It has so much at stake and must speak
From all the angles it must look same
It can only then assert and claim

It is everything to do with society or religion
No one can claim to be custodian
Of course they can be the real guardian
All of sudden they should not come out and prove as villain

It has destabilizing effect
People may loose the faith and angrily react
It has to be an exemplary act
Pt has nothing do with any particular sect

Leave nothing behind as wrong trail
It may hamper the process and derail
What we need today is pure healing?
Everything in open and not concealing

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Irrespective of the life span, enjoyment is must
Irrespective of the life span, enjoyment is very must
the tiger moth is flitting around eating and drinking and doing his courting- he doesn't know his life is brief- so he is enjoying his life very much, thank you