My Sleeplessness

Hey this is a poem I thought I'd try. I couldn't fall asleep so I thought I'd write about it as a poem. Hopefully there will be more after this one... after I get some sleep.

When you can’t:
Have your way
Kill sad memory

What you do when you can’t
Make bad thoughts
Go away
What do you do when
On the edge of a razor?
Your mind is a hazy blur
Your soul deserts

Cannot find any reason
Your mind becomes a twilight
Tired and unwilling to accept rest
To forget

by John Connors

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I love autobios and this one is a hoot. I believe I do know Mr. Lear, in spirit, at least.
A very humerus poem!
Beautiful depiction well brought forth in good rhyme scheme. A lovely poem indeed.
I can see the humor here, I can see a character being sketched here, and I can see that these things have been done well but to my shame I could not get involved in this poem's world. Perhaps another day I would, but not today
I would indeed like to have known him. His poems were almost always humorous and he was a master of the limerick.
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