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How Powerfull Not

A day will come
Things just a little to noisy
I will draw out my blade Laced with the voices
Sun and moon
My skin will tighten
Like the clasp of a hand
Last reach up the mountains' side
Raised above my head like some flag
Breathing lighting
Like the wolf, mouth wide
Long stretch of proud teeth
I will plunge down upon Earths' ruff hide

But then I will land soundlessly and weak
Like an ill child passing from fever
Death holding closed his mouth with mild strength
The people will turn not in time to see thier reflection in my armor
As it rusts and shakes loose from my wispy frame
Throats echo like brothers of the Hyaenidae
my glory will recede back in the hull of my ship
As i walk the long crowds
A voyage of years
In search of a field as bare as I
And in the late hours
When gravity overtakes me
curled in the corner of a dark place
I will reveal it from its shame-full case
Its existence whittled down into deep despair
I will cry out
Nobody will hear
Yet i will still hide it like shinny metal
Fearing the pirates of my conceptual descent
As i am decieved and become everything
and everything is diluted briefly before it is I.

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