How Proud I Am Of Canada

How proud I am of Canada
The country of my birth
Described by other Nations
As the greatest place on Earth

My country is diversified
With many sights to see
From the mountains of the Pacific
To the maritimes by the sea

In between are the praries
Where the wheatfields grow so tall
While in Quebec is a culture
Not so different from us all

And then there is Ontario
Big and very strong
Whose strength and wealth
Help carry this great land along

In the North we have a presence
Of a people our hearts endear
For they manage to see the brighter side
Of a life most of us would fear

There's and Island in the Atlantic
A place called Newfoundland
That is home to a rugged people
And scenery oh so grand

And then there are the peoples
Who come from distant parts
Immigrants we may call them
But they're Canadians in their hearts

Immigrants is a word that
Describes us to a 'T'
And except for the aboriginals
Our Ancestors came by sea

Now some would like to criticize
For in their hearts they cannot see
The beauty of this country
And the fact that we are free

You don't have to lose your culture
To live in this great land
Just leave your ethenic quarrels
In your own Birth land

You can still enjoy your language
And the customs of your life
For your customs enriches this country
And with that we have no fight

So be proud of Canada
The greatest place on earth
And treat it like you would
The country of your birth

by Walter Lane

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