JL (March 19,1994 / California)

How Right It Is

Dedicated to, and inspired by, Caitlin Solheim, Kate McCarthy, and Erika Pages.

don't hold anything inside you
because I know
in the end there'll be no place
for your feelings to go
they'll travel to your eyes and you'll cry
don't keep it in, don't even try
you push your heart to its limit
don't fight this battle, you won't win it

tell me everything
and I'll tell you how right it is to fall apart
don't leave out anything
and I'll tell you exactly where to start
just open your eyes
hold your head up high
I'll tell you how right it is
to ask why

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i like how this poem keeps you guessing exactly what it's about by the end of it, but it is so easy to relate to. thanks :)