How's It Feel?

How does it feel, the last day of September
You're sitting on a bridge, looking out across a river
How does it feel always being on your own?
How does it feel, never knowing what is home?

Losing all your friends and lovers
Having to cope with all the others
How's it feel to be so different?
Yet they all think you're just delinquent
Try talking, but they will not listen
They say they made a wise decision

You have no choice, no right to live
Whatever's yours you have to give
So how's it feel to lose the fight
To slowly see a fading light

How's it feel?
How's it feel?
Hows' it feel?

You're left alone
You're crying out
But no-one cares what you're cryin' about

How's it feel?
How's it feel?
How's it feel...... be in love?

by Toni O'Neill

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