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How Sad It Is

How sad is it for a man who can start a war
Especially if he never fought or served before,
How could any man be the leader of a great nation
When with hatred and bigotry he had preached salvation;
And can a spoiled rich man, ever sympathize with the poor.

How sad it is for a man to construct a wall
As he screams that without it our country will fall,
Around my own house I have my own chain linked fence
It is to keep my pet inside, it is my only defense;
But, I have an unlocked gate, if anyone ever wants to call.

How sad it is for a man whose hands has not one blister
Then talks about laziness in every unemployed brother or sister,
He stands against the people that are weak and have stumbled
And hatred for the people who have knelt down and are humbled;
And towards liberty he mocks her, and then he hits her.

How sad it is for a man to disrespect or abuse any female
And then he mocks her and ridicules her without fail,
And if he has a wife and or a daughter(s) of his own
I wonder in their life what beliefs and prejudices is sewn;
To them is it taught the superiority and chauvinism of the male.

How sad it is for a man if he were to be elected
To lead a great country and his beliefs were erected,
Freedom and truth and justice would be replaced by the dollar
Then for peace and liberty we would hear that country holler;
How sad it is, if that man was selected.

Randy L. McClave

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