How Should I Praise Him

Laying aside His royal crown
Leaving His throne on high
As flesh and bone life’s King came down
For mortal man to die

By grace these eyes of mine can see
The Truth revealed above
My heart rejoices now I’m free
To offer praise and love

But when and how should praises ring
What can a servant do?
What songs have heart and soul to sing?
To render God His due

With joy will now my spirit cry
Gladness will lift my gaze
Whilst heart and soul will occupy
To offer truthful praise

Will word alone God satisfy
Can words The Father sway
But coupled with deeds that magnify
Salvation’s only Way

With righteous deed with selfless thought
With words spoken in love
Let angles bear this child’s report
To Jesus’ throne above

For He who died is risen now
Alive and King once more
Awaiting those who’ll humbly bow
This side of Heaven’s door

So now these lips will never cease
Nor will my tongue be still
To offer Him who gives such peace
To do His righteous will

by Michael P. Johnson

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