How Sleep The Brave

Bitterly, England must thou grieve —
Though none of these poor men who died
But did within his soul believe
That death for thee was glorified.

Ever they watched it hovering near —
A mystery beyond thought to plumb —
And often, in loathing and in fear,
They heard cold danger whisper, Come! —

Heard, and obeyed. Oh, if thou weep
Such courage and honour, woe, despair;
Remember too that those who sleep
No more remorse can share.

by Walter de la Mare

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I'm going back to my school days to revive my memories of Walter de la Mare. Where HOW SLEEP THE BRAVE is concerned I find the title far more impressive than the poem. I really don't recognize the poem at all. Has the title been used by other writers? Does it in fact stand by itself?