How Strong 'Is' Your Faith?

Let me settle this,
And get it over with.

I did not just establish my relationship,
With God.
In fact,
In my life I know God exists.
Any atheist wanting to argue their beliefs,
It is not me they need to convince.
That's their business.
I know the path on which I walk.

My acknowledgement comes,
From my own experiences.
And knowing 'Who' and 'What' was there,
To come to my defense.
I have no fear of being alone!
And this I've shown for the past twenty five years.
That's when God and I got down to business.

My relationship with God has even gotten stronger.
So anyone who fears being alone on their own,
Should not perceive with belief...
They can compare their lives lived with me.
And I hope that leaves any doubters,
Out of my affairs.

Who are you talking to?
And why is it necessary to interrupt,
Your meditation? '

I just get fed up sometimes, Father.

'And, I don't? '

I just wanted to get something off my chest.

'Isn't that why you came to Me in the first place? '

'I don't want to hear it.
How strong 'Is' your faith? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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