How Strong Is Your Power In Love

Think quietly
in the depths
of your soul
for a hint
of your true power
in love
and feel deeply
within it the song
for life hidden therein
in the strength
given before birth
and find a soul twin
to truly believe in.

Into open arms fling
the strength
of your love's being
fear not a dark hearts wanton
soul eating feedings
for the effort you spend
seeking true love
is a flexion
of either hopeless rejection
or life growing perfection.

Cast aside
all earthy learning
and let fly
your yearning
for peace filled life
in the compassion
of a spirit chosen
think not
of yourself
but for love
above all things left
after you
have expressed
to another
your full power of love.

Hear the beat of two hearts
as they let flow in blood
the passions
of a bond cast
in the binding fires
of nature
you must then instill
love in peace
without dread of doubts
show this entire world
the strength
of your power in love.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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