How Thankful I Am

I awaken each day,
With gratitude on my mind.
And to do it to find time,
To identify my blessings...
Given to me and witnessed.

I awaken each day,
Knowing my life to live...
Could have easily not been this way.
Or not be able to say as I pray,
Just how thankful I am.

And thankful I am,
With a sharing done to do...
Of all the experiences I've lived through.
Whether I was given support,
Or shown indifference by anyone doing it.

I awaken each day,
Feeling the benefactor to every contributor.
To acknowledge this to myself and admit,
A growth process I could not achieve...
If my faith and beliefs were not kept priorities.

God has allowed me to open my eyes.
And each day when I awaken,
I have grown less critical of others to realize...
Just how thankful I am to be blessed,
To be able to identify my life to live...
As a gift so precious to never take it for granted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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