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How The Boy Stole Christmas
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How The Boy Stole Christmas

Based on 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', by Dr. Seuss.
Done for a school project=)

Once, upon a falling snowflake,
In a land far, far away,
There lived all the Whats,
Preparing for Christmas day.

There was one What that stuck out,
The richest What of them all,
He had light brown hair, and big brown eyes
His given name was Paul.

Paul was a greedy boy,
His best friend was Ebenezer Scrooge
And anytime Paul lied,
His little nose turned huge!

Paul was the only What in Whattown,
That really hated this time of the year,
He ruined all the children’s fun,
His pranks were in full gear.

Paul thought Christmas was just trouble,
He only thought of himself,
He thought that Santa Claus was stupid,
And hurt the feelings of every single elf.

He hated everybody that liked Christmas,
There was only one exception of his,
A beautiful What named Rachel,
Whom he never wanted to diss.

Now every story has a problem,
And this one’s is pretty big,
Paul crushed on the Christmas-lover Rachel,
But Rachel thought Paul was a pig.

You see, Rachel was an EXTREME Christmas fanatic,
Loving every aspect of it,
She volunteered everywhere that she could,
And her money? Donated every bit.

She helped out at school and Church,
Sang carols at the old folks’ home,
Baked cookies with younger children,
Made ornaments out of foam.

Rachel hated anybody that hated Christmas,
She was like a packaged deal,
If you want to be her friend,
Your love for Christmas must be real.

Paul was willing to pretend that he loved Christmas,
But then turn Rachel into a hater,
He dreamed they would hurt Santa Claus,
And kill that Christmas figure skater.

But Rachel was smart enough not to fall for the trap,
She could see through him right away,
She said that she would never like him,
Not even in a trillion days.

Paul was simply crushed,
When Rachel had turned him down,
His brain started making plans,
To make the whole world frown.

And so he got the idea,
An amazing idea indeed.
Words could not describe how bad it would be,
If he really did succeed.

Paul was going to steal Christmas,
The idea now so real,
He would crush the Whats like Rachel crushed him,
Hopeless is how Whats would feel.

Paul decided to do everything he could,
To take the fun away,
He would get rid of Christmas cheer,
Much to the Whats dismay.

His idea came naturally,
He would dress up as Santa Claus,
Paul would steal food, presents, and toys,
With a little help from his dog, Paws.

And so Christmas Eve arrived,
The day that was very exciting,
It was the day that all the Whats were at peace,
And nobody was fighting.

The anticipated time arrived,
And Paul was filled with glee,
He was going to ruin Christmas,
Hooray! All right! Yippee!

Paul went to every house in town,
His disguise giving him a Christmas-flare,
He stole ham, Christmas trees, and toys,
And every last teddy bear.

And then Paul and Paws headed home,
To get a good night’s sleep,
They were extremely exhausted,
Stealing Christmas was a hard job to keep!

But when Paul awoke the next morning,
His mood had certainly changed,
The Whats all stood singing in the middle of town,
While love was being exchanged.

It was at that moment that Paul realized,
What Christmas really meant,
It was about love and care and Jesus’ birth,
And it really didn’t cost a cent.

Paul realized why Rachel didn’t like him,
He was very, very greedy,
He did nothing to help out other people,
Like the old, the homeless, and the needy.

Paul silently asked God for forgiveness,
Something he’d never done before,
And his whole heart filled with happiness,
As he was knelt down on the floor.

Then he turned to his dog, Paw, and said,
“You know what we must do.
We must give back the food, trees, and toys,
And ask them to forgive me and you.”

And so Paul went outside,
To the middle of Whattown,
Where every What sang Christmas carols,
While jumping up and down.

Paul called for the Whats’ attention,
And told the Whats what he really believed.
Paul apologized for everything he had done,
And every What seemed relieved.

There were no more Whats that hated Christmas,
Everyone liked it now,
But the Whats were more relieved
About what happened when Paul said “Ciao! ”

Rachel was so amazed,
At what Paul had done,
That she truly believed that she was in love,
That Paul was the perfect one.

So Rachel did what every What did,
She decided to forget and forgive,
That was the true meaning of Christmas,
The reason why Jesus did live.

And now every What had their gifts back,
They had so much to be thankful for,
Because they received a new gift, one of wisdom,
And realized that they couldn’t ask for more.

And as for the greedy boy Paul,
He was nowhere to be seen.
But a new Paul moved into town,
And he was a Christmas loving-machine!

Now Whattown had a fantastic Christmas,
With a lot of fun, cheer, and laughter,
And even after the snowflake hit the ground,
Rachel, Paul, and the Whats lived happily ever after.

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