How They Do That! And, Survive

I've begun to notice those same people,
Were standing on this corner yesterday.
And now they are on that corner.
What's going on?

'Neither one of us are doing too much,
If I agree we both notice...
People with nothing to do,
But move from one side of the street...
To the other.'

But there is a difference.

'And what is that?
We both still have our jobs.'

You're right.
We complain everyday about the same routine.
To do nothing else,
But notice the same people do nothing...
As you put it.

'Like I said.
There is a difference.
We are getting paid to do nothing.'

And very soon,
Guess what?

'What? '

We might, one day...
Be asking them how they do that!
And, survive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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