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How To Call It?
VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

How To Call It?

Heart is a mysterious box,

we never know what can fill it,

could it be filled at all?

Some of us use it like a recycle bin,

for some its a glass castle,

for others its just a plain flesh and blood,

a biological pump,

for me heart is a palace of love,

a temple of divinity,

a spring that never dries up,

it can only be filled with love!

Like a piece of candle fills the whole room with light,

like a lovely moon that fills the night,

like the serenity of a baby's smile,

like a pink daffodil that blooms once in a while,

heart is just like god!

We don't know where it is!

But we know it is there!

Heart is forever!

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