How To Change Your Element


Oblong, gray, pocked with uneven holes.

After the rupture you are broken and even ugly.

So you bleach your empty spots in the sun,
Tumble down hills,
Get kicked among the other stones.

You weather on a cliff
Overlooking the sea waiting to be pushed
Finally by the wind
That is raking you with sand
Smooth, hard and unblemished.

But then again you see a nymph splashing,
Laughing as she skips rocks across the water
To test their quality.

You see her joy sinking some,
And you are jealous of the ones
She wears around her neck.

So when the time comes,
You'll know no salty grave.

Because for a soul forged in the hearths of a volcano,
You'll always float.

by Alek Lenth

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A nice poetic imagination, Alek. You may like to read my ars poetica named as (Poetic Sense-1) Thanks