How To: Create A Monster

How is a monster created?

By forming a theocratic elitist government
By seeking power and control of global neighbors
By stealing oil and natural resources through violence
By establishing military bases around the world
By developing and hoarding nuclear weapons

How is a monster created?

By recruiting soldiers from poverty,
By dehumanizing new recruits
By teaching and condoning torture
By unleashing darkness from soldier psyche

How is a monster created?

By allowing biased corporate media propaganda
By televising violence and sex
By developing violent video games
By feeding empty junk food to our children
By selling cheap firearms

Who then is this “Monster”?



by Ray Lucero

Comments (7)

Most unfortunate situation in the world! Let us hope good sense will prevail over all and a better society is born in 2008. 'Sabko sanmathi dhe Bhagawan' - Givegood sense to all! My God!
I prefer the Frankenstein approach, with the lightning bolts. Crud. Too late, Bush is alive and we forgot to put a brain in there. -chuck
Totalitiariansm (did I spell that right! ?) closer to it than we think? Moyax
True words Patricia
I liked it very much, but the last line really let it down.
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