I Do Not Know

l came ,l don't know from where or how l came to be l am, or why l came ?l don't know!
l saw a path in front of me l began to walk,l must keep on walking willingly or unwillingly ,whether l agree or not.
How did l came to be? How did l sighted my way? l can't perceive the matter ,l don't know!
Am l new or am l old in this existence ?
Am l free or am l a captive in confinement?
Do l lead myself or l am being lead ?
l wish l knew ,but l don't know,l don't know!
l must coincide , but why ? l don't know!
III - Is my journey a rough one? Is it a long one?
Is it a short unpredictable one?
Am l walking or time is doing the walking for me ?
l don't know,l don't know!
IV- l saw stars ,but l don't know why they are irradiate ?
l saw the clouds ,but l don't know why they are sending out the rain?
l saw the forest with the trees ,but l don't know why they bear fruit after they bloom?
Are they like me ?they don't know why they came to be?l don't know!
l remember nothing of my past life,l can't predict my coming years.
l know l have a self ,but l don't know what it is?
So when would myself knows itself ,l don't know!
VI- l see a struggle going on within me .
l see myself as the devil then as an angel.
Bad and good battling inside my mind.
Why they keep on fighting ? Why they can't get along ?
l don't know ,l don't know!
Where are my cries and my laughter ?
Where are my sadness and my joy?
Am l sane or am l insane ?
Did l loss every thing ,but how it happened?
l don't know l don't know!
Am l going to be send back after my death?
Old or young,am l going to know myself?
Or am l to be no more? l don't know ,l don't know!

by Elia Abu Madi

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Most unfortunate situation in the world! Let us hope good sense will prevail over all and a better society is born in 2008. 'Sabko sanmathi dhe Bhagawan' - Givegood sense to all! My God!
I prefer the Frankenstein approach, with the lightning bolts. Crud. Too late, Bush is alive and we forgot to put a brain in there. -chuck
Totalitiariansm (did I spell that right! ?) closer to it than we think? Moyax
True words Patricia
I liked it very much, but the last line really let it down.
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