How To Overcome Scarcity?

Rain clouds everywhere in the Sky give a pleasant look to the ever hot city!
What a blessing in guise, it seems, to witness such a change in the fast metropolitan city!
Monsoon rain only can save all from drought and change the climate for the better;
Dependence on ground water alone cannot fulfil all our needs ever sans natural rain!
Whether it is hill station or plains, without water nothing can be done or enjoyed;
water world our earth is as it is covered with sea for its three fourth area, but sans
Pure drinking water we are all placed in a status to face irony of fate only, so to say!
Unless we change moisture into water and convert sea water into drinking one, we suffer!
Lakes and rivers are polluted by industrial effluents and drainage incursions;
This is due to knowledge-less greedy politicians in power for a longtime sure;
Educated people should be inducted into power instead of ever corrupt politicians;
This realization should dawn on all common people so that our sufferings turn into joy!
Sans the united cooperation all people we cannot move the great obstacle standing
As huge Himalayan mountain forever making us unable to surmount or move it!

by Ramesh T A

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