How To Stay Polite And Nice

How can you stay polite and nice?
When the people around you challenge and fight.
When the anger in you reaches the height.
When the tolerance you have leaves your sight.
Your friends consider your patience as fright.
When the anger of revenge is standing upright.
When you want to kill yourself or the one who fights.
But you know that losing temper is not right.
When all the people you love degrade you alike.
When you consider your life as a cut off kite.
And yourself as helpless as a boat on a tide.
Or a dry leaf on a stormy night.
The life seems as dark as night.
OH! God how to stay polite and nice.

by Arfa Karim

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A refined poetic imagination, Arfa. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
A wonderful piece of poetry, which deservesto be posted in the first page of Thank you for sharing it wiyh us.