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How To Take Things
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How To Take Things

How do I say what I want so that you say what you want?
I'm not sure what that is but you're holding back
I know, I can just tell...
It is not honesty you lack
But some sort of openness, you do not trust me well
I'm sure why, but you have, ore to say, and I'm here
I've always been here, here for you, but you don't hear
Me the same way I hear you, and I begin to wonder
Is the problem that I'm here? Do you want me to go away?
Because I will, even if it will tear my heart asunder
I will, I'd- I'll do it for you, unless you ask me to stay
But you haven't and something tells me you won't
I'm open, but I don't know if I can tell you this
It's different when it's love and not just friendship
It's stranger still when it's one-sided, a wistful wish,
I feel like we're at an edge right at the tip
And I want to jump to just be forgotten
The sadness is I don't think you'd pursue me
You never have, not even as a friend.. well you won
You don'; t want me so I'm gone... I know you won't
you won't come, you won't chase, I just know- you won't pursue me
Not even as a friend IF I left you wouldn't see
IF you could find me or venture out to talk to me,
So why stay? I must not be enjoyable to you
I can't be worth it to you
Not even worth a little effort because you
Didn't make it then, so why would you now?
I'm going to let you go
I dare you to pursue but I know
Even though you aren't present this is the
Last time I will see you- forever
I'd rather you ask me to leave than leave things
Like this in the bitter silence and solitude
I don't hate you
But i won't wait for you
It's not what you'd want
You might not know what you want but in
This case I do...
Good-bye forever I hope forget the times
We had, I would not want to
Still bother you even in your memories
So good-bye forever... don't worry you won't even notice.

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Langston Hughes


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