How To Treat A Woman


She left you alone without saying any word
This rumor is circulating, it's all in the world
Did you love her right the way that she loved you?
If I were you, I'd do what is necesarry unlike you
Because here's the thing you should know about her
She needs respect more than riches from your heir
She doesn't need to be strangled to death with rules
Or else she'll feel sick and leave you like a fool
Affection is not enough to stabilize built relationship
Understanding is what she needed to save the sinking ship
For love is such a difficult word to scrutinize
It's more than what you feel and what you try to immobilize
She is unpredictable and you can't read her mind
You need to be sensitive with her feelings and be kind
Honesty is what she like and you'll win her heart
Don't let your world revolve into her or tear her apart
Let her feel that you are compassion with your words and actions
Don't treat her like a burden and give bunch of sanctions
She is vulnerable and she needs your strength
Let her feel that she's protectedwith your strength
Never use your hand to a woman who just made a mistake
A real man never hurts a woman, knows the essence of give and take
So chase her and show how valuable is your loyalty to her
Don't mess up and put your relationship into blur
Let her feel that she's once again secured
The spark in her eyes will once again allure

by Lei Strauss

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Chatham 4692 ave
Lei, such an inspiring poem...10+++
Thank you very much for this great just appeal...this poem is an honour to women...thanks again