How To Write A Poem!

Think of a title! Don't be rash!
Just take your time and don't be flash!
Then start one line but cross it out
If it should niggle you with doubt!
Be open to a million thoughts
Such as the poet often courts!
You know, the kind that children like!
The iron's hot! It's time to strike!
It won't take long if you rehearse -
It's only four lines for a verse!
If you write 'vivacious fashion',
God will smile and bless your passion!
Let God grant a rhymes bonanza!
Pretty soon you'll have a stanza!
Then when you're 'finished' try to trim
The brilliant insights sent by Him!
Compressing compositions down
Might make you scratch your head and frown,
Yet suffer for your art, my friend!
Strive for perfection till THE END.

by Denis Martindale

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