How True Is Truth True?

How true is truth true?
One has to observe it.
And not fear to see it up close.

How true is truth true?
Turn off the TV.
Watch less videos.
And when eating popcorn,
Allowing your emotions...
Torn apart by heart drenching movies.
The only ones thrilled by this,
Are producers, directors and writers of scripts.
They know what they do isn't based upon reality.
But sold to you is their version of it.
And the more it sells,
Guess who they don't share their profits with?
When was the last time,
You heard a promise made by a politician.
You believed but did not receive.
And don't listen to those deluded.
The ones upset,
Waiting for proof of increased money...
Not yet to find in their paychecks.

How true is truth true?
Walk around and visit reality more.
Those who drive,
Get out of your cars and open your eyes.
What you will discover,
Are imitators imitating imitations.
And the moment you see something original,
This is disbelieved.
Because it's not what you hear,
Coming out of the mouths of politicians.
Or leaders in communities,
Protesting what they need...
Are better schools, teachers and unity.
Or higher paying jobs for folks,
Who do less work.
And spend more time complaining.
About troubles they create for themselves.
To then lie about everything they do.
With it accepted.
Like the gossip they hear to tell it to you.

How true is truth true?
When you begin to notice it.
And an argument is started.
With others defending their delusions.
And you have found yourself ostracized.
Or running for your life,
From a gang of hypocrites.
No longer will you question,
What is true about truth.
When truth is revealed...
These days.
Run for your life.
Because people who dare to admit it exists,
Are not too often seen around...
Expressing the freedom of using or telling it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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