How Was He Able To Escape?

Inspite of those in opposition meeting in secret,
Seeking to find ways to defeat with deceit...
All efforts one makes to succeed with achievement,
A pursuing to do to satisfy those already toasting...
The one subjected to an undoing guaranteed to be done,
Has been discovered to be incompleted.

Blinded by misdeeds they could not see...
Determination is the key held,
By the one holding onto kept faith.
And ready to prove it takes much more,
Than the making of foolish attempts to break...
One concentrated with a connection to fate not faked.

A yearning burning hot with fire inside,
Can not be visualized by those scheming outside...
To diminish one's identity andf integrity affixed to one's pride!

'I am not believing a word of this.
Repeat that again.
HOW was he able to escape from confinement? '

~We have no clue.
All of us there,
Participated in the tieing of his arms, legs and chest...
To the chair.
His mouth was taped with duct tape too.
And we taunted him with the music of Vanilla Ice.
Hoping the use of this device,
Would put an end to his appetite for living life.~

When you returned to his cell,
He was gone?
The cell was unlocked and empty?
Except for his clothes?
That is impossible.'

~We are telling you what we know.~

How could he have escaped from this place butt naked?
What is it that he has that is so impressive,
To mesmerize those with opened eyes? '

In defense of those who had not seen him before unclothed,
I am sure it wasn't his mind that hypnotized.~

'Was he with a weapon? '

~I would say YES.
And that would be a guess.
One, I would imagine...
Much larger than the rest of us.~

'I see!
It is clear to me now.
Someone amongst you...
Had to return to the cell,
To loosen the rope around his legs and thighs.
Captivated by more than just his mind,
We all had agreed should be kept confined.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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For some reason, I really like this one, a how and who dunnit never fails to intrigue!