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How Was Your Day?
EB (21/10/87 / )

How Was Your Day?

i call you at midnight
to cry down the phone
to moan about my pathetic life
i dont even ask how your day was.
i fear the magic roundabout music
revolves around your head
as you stare blankly at the tv
your mind devoid of any thought.
i know you care
but i can't belive someone could love me,
someone would stay awake to hear me cry.
i can't tell you these things to your face
no matter how much i want to
i can't express jut how much i love you,
how ridiculously i love you
how completely i love you.
i hope you know that,
no matter how fed up i am of everyting else
i'll never be fed up with you.
i'm not afraid to be me
when i'm with you.
you've loved me so long,
i can't figure out why
and i'll never ask
in case you realise that i've been right all along
that you're too good for me
and that i don't deserve you.
one day i'll let you know all of it
the tragedy,
the pain,
the grief,
the heartache.
the moment will come
and i'll keep you up all night
with my incessant babbling.
maybe you'll tire of it,
and maybe you'll jump on that magic roundabout
i'll just have to trust that you won't.

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I won't.