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How We Are Wasting Our Life

Life is so wonderful,
But we waste it..
Grudging over the past, fearing for the future,
When there is so much to do in the present.
Complaining all the time,
When there is so much to be thankful for.
Trying to correct others,
When we need to correct within.
Judging others wearing a black coat,
When we ourselves are not perfect.
Seeing the black n white life,
When its all colorful.
Getting angry on petty matters,
When there is so much love to spread.
Competing with others,
When life is not a race.
Trying to be like others,
When you are the best the way you are.
Trying to become modern wearing latest trends,
When modernity lies in the mind.
Greed of money increasing day by day,
When one day death will take all that away.
Showing off your wealth,
When there is a poor crying at the corner.
Thinking only about ourselves,
When others are thinking about us.
Feeling that everybody is bad,
When there are so many angels around you.
See the kind of life we are living,
Without any worth and any meaning.
Is it for money, food, sleep the man is made for,
Think, ponder what we do as humans.
The life has become so artificial,
Only robots moving around.
The journey will be beautiful n cool
If u know the right road n traffic rule.

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These lines perfectly reflect the truthfulness. Very beautifully penned down.It compels us all to be optimistic towards the life :)
Introspecting human life in a nice poetic manner. A good write.
Your poetic rhythm is spellbounding! well done...
Each and every line of the poem is true. You have described both the real and the man made perspective of life successfully. Life is very precious and we should not waste it by having negative outlook of it. Thanks for sharing, Ruchika. Best Wishes. Naseer
What is the difference between waste and wastage? waste = we cannot use that material or matter. wastage = making useful one as useless one, good one anushmadhu
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