Anita-The Forgotten Story

Anita -the forgotten story
She gathered my traces on the face of the Face Book
Sent me her cropped up image with stern look,
Her challenge to identify her, gave me a shock,
I thought some naughty girl was making a mock,
On the plane of face Book, there are huge mass
God alone knows who this girl was
I, the wanderer, solo Biker could not find the link
Amid confusion poor mind was hovering on the brink,

The million-dollar idea evolved out of blue
I asked the mysterious girl to provide me some clue,
I belong to a place although sounds like Mall, not Naini Tal,
At her clue, instantly I guessed, it was Garhwal.
She wrote a message to me easing my tension,
A few personal words of sweet appreciation,
This much conversation took place in two thousand three,
Thereafter to say hello also, she was not free.
To find her out I did not make any strife,
Everybody is busy, that's how City's life is,
I had met her at her home in kayali
A village full of lush green belonged to the Garhwali,
She gave us warm welcome, food and shelter,
What a lovely company, what a great enchanter,
We parted saying goodbye with promises in vain,
For that matter did not calculate sure loss or any gain,
After a gap of many years she appeared in News
Fighting social stigma, she had formed certain views,
As per the News Anita had disappeared a few months back
A letter of romance found unfolded in her study room's rack
Hundreds of well wishers and hundreds of clues
On her disappearance, there was no specific News

After so many winters and summers, appeared on the Face Book
She seemed to be a stranger with a different chirpy look,
Down the memory ridge, I clearly remember,

The scenic beauty of Garhwal Mountains and the profound glory,
Has surfaced again, Anita -and her unforgettable story.

by MJ Khalid

Comments (6)

These lines perfectly reflect the truthfulness. Very beautifully penned down.It compels us all to be optimistic towards the life :)
Introspecting human life in a nice poetic manner. A good write.
Your poetic rhythm is spellbounding! well done...
Each and every line of the poem is true. You have described both the real and the man made perspective of life successfully. Life is very precious and we should not waste it by having negative outlook of it. Thanks for sharing, Ruchika. Best Wishes. Naseer
What is the difference between waste and wastage? waste = we cannot use that material or matter. wastage = making useful one as useless one, good one anushmadhu
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