GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

How We Change

We are not what we arew overnight
What we once were
What we are now
What we will become

There are so many things that bring about change
That every year we see
Something new and different
We realize that we are changing

Remember when your parents said
Not to do this and don't touch that
Stay out of that crowd and make us proud

Well we did that and we touched this
That was our usual crowd and we rarely made them proud

And when they thought they were protecting us
Were they really holding us back?
Didn't doing what they said not to
Help us to mature, learn, and grow?
And the screw ups we made
Helped us to change
Into what we are today

We are flawed people
With a million more mistakes to make
And each time we make a mistake
We change into the people fate meant for us to become

Every heart break and headache
Every murderous smile
Helps the heart to strengthen
With the change of the body, heart, and mind
Comes the change of a soul in time

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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