How Will I Know?

Many man claims to have unfailing love
But a faithful man who can find?
Love is an action not empty words
Yet people would fall for anything
That shows a promise for eternity

But is it it’s all for convenience?
Or am I really seeing you now more clearly?
For how can you understand eternity?
When you are unsure of your security
You needed my assurance consistently

Yet love always hopes, always trusts and always perseveres
And who am I to judge you if God is the lawgiver
Still I will say yes to you as long as He says it’s over
Since God is Love and He says go, Him I will follow after all

by Claire Ann Pajo Sansolis

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Will we ever truely know if the words they say are true? I feel not, and that is the sadeness we face every day. How do we know they ring true of the heart?