DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

How Would You?

To a person with no arms,
how would you greet them?
Would you offer your hand?
Or would you stand and Look?

To a person who cannot hear,
how would you say Hallo?
Would you say something?
Or just move your Lips?

To a person in a wheel chair,
looking for a seat.
would you move a chair, and make place?
or retreat with a bright red face?

The best thing to do,
in this kind of situation.
Is to treat the person normally,
try to show 'no' frustration.

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Comments (6)

I think this work is part of the manual we wish we were all born with. Needed commentary on life in a bold poem. -Tailor
Great message. I agree with the other comments. A heart-warming read, Dave. Love, Fran the Fan xx
Dave, Excellent message here. Hugs, Dee
Point noted...My Lord! Ashish.
dave...i will take your advice and be nice to everybody...i have a maid for the past 10 years, who is dumb and deaf and illiterate too...i do find it tough dealing with her but its one good deed that i need to do in my life...love...nalini
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