How You Feel When The Solution Is This...

Poem By LOUHOJONG mora nodi

It is not a big deal
It is Human matter
When messengers of Allah can't help themselves during difficulties.. How help us?
Naturally Few people argue that the Prophets could not help even themselves when they suffered from physical ailments and worldly difficulties
Hazrath Ayub (Alaihissalam) who suffered from severe physical ailment!
Prophet Muhammad (Sallelahu Alaihva sallam) suffered from twice the fever as any one of us!
It said that prophets have the maximum sufferings among the creation (Sunan At-Tirmidhi, Book of Asceticism, Hadith 2398 and Ibne majah)
So when they could not come out of their own sufferings
How can they help others?
'The ailments and hardships does not mean that they had no power to come out of those things
It's NOT because they were helpless for themselves
It's due to The reason that those were the men with highest patience and preferred 'suffering with patience' to‘getting instantly cured'
To set an example for Ummah, to show how they have tolerated problems patiently and thanked Allah in difficult times
If they wanted they could have opted for trouble free life but, the residents of Makkah at that time, the non-believers and even the Ummah would have complained that the prophets have carried out such great tasks, because they never had any trouble'
How do you feelit?

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