How about writingastory

My child says -Mama,
Write stories and fairy tales,
Do youknow
How muchHarryPottersales?

Yes, mychild, Iwill
I will write astoryyouwill love
But doyou know,
Thestory is sovast
Itrequiresthousandand thousandwords,
They comeand getstruck atmythroat,
Then theysqueezeanddissolve
Andcomethroughmy eyes
And shine ata corner
Like a drop of tear,
You know, whentheyfall
They fall like poems,
Ona blank paper.

by Bharati Nayak

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As to clubbed words I thought they were deliberate for an effect and then your poem also said so (They comeand getstruck atmythroat) . Any way the subtlety of the piece is striking. But I may be wrong. This type is not my genre, and as an outsider I can only comment. But I really liked the ending.
p.s. Thanks foraddingthePoet'sNotesasisuggestedthatyoudo! ! ! ha ha. bri :) p.p.s. So, Bharati, how much money have you AND your son made by selling your story? ? ?
(cont.) ...! ! ! MY BRAIN MUST BE ROTTING! ! ha ha (NOT!) i completely forgot i'd read this (maybe not totally forgotten) , and noticed in a comment response from Bharati, as i was looking over the poem comments, that i HAD commented already! ! ! not only THAT, but i'd also said i'd use this poem in my/our March 2018 showcase of poems! ! i did some checking and found it in the showcase, with spaces between words. :) bri
do you mean the title isn't even meant to be clubbed? ? ? i like the title as it is here, but i DID WONDER about much of the rest. i, too, have had such problems, but not so seriously as you seem to have had! ! i suggest that the word you want to use is clumped, BUT maybe PH should be CLUBBED if they are responsible! ! ! (continued) ...
For many days I could not give individual reply to comments.I thought Poem Hunter has changed rules and replied in comment box.Now I find that i can reply individually.Thank you Akhtar Jawadji, Susan Williams, Subhas Chandra Chakra, Seamus O Brian, Madam Geeta Radhakrisna Menon, Bri Edwards, Anil Ku.Panda and Glen Kappy for your encouraging words.
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