Poem By Shannon Dunlap

Why do these things happen to me
Tell me, why does life have to be so unfair
Howcome you never can find a way to save yourself from dreadful cruelty
How come? How come?

I hate the thought of being out alone
And when I call you on the phone
Your never home
You don’t return my calls
You never ask how I am, now its time to go

How did this fall apart
Where did I go wrong
Its been a long hard road
without you by my side
How could this be?
How did it happen to me

How come this will never be
Quite as it always seemed
I don’t care you don’t care
Lets go.. away from here

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I love it.......... <3 jessness

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My hand is a mirror of all my broken hearts
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i think now its time to forget about you
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