(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

However You May Lay Your 'Loo-Yahs'

So given we are,
With beliefs our thoughts within us...
Are kept detached and private.
We are born into this 'reality'...
With a belief we jouney alone,
On a separate trip.
Alone and away from others,
Also participating in this experience...
We are taught in the process to call 'life'.

So given we are,
With beliefs our thoughts with us...
Are kept detached and private.
We even believe we are separate from the trees,
Birds and bees...
Are other created creatures upon thie Earth,
God, too, has made.

So given we are with beliefs,
There is something that will be achieved...
With the infliction of division, fear, hatred and greed.

There are some creatures God has blessed with life,
Who actually believe they have been certified...
As human kites.
To maneuver to heights,
And by themselves.

So given we are,
With beliefs our thoughts with us...
Are detached and kept private.
Some self righteous even perceive...
They can even deceive God!
As if God takes momentary leaves,
Of absences.

Only to discover,
When Mother Nature gets upset...
And has had it with our selfishness.
Just how fragile those who 'empower' themselves...
Are lost to fight against the true power of God,
His 'Diciples' and those messages delivered...

'Whether one is feeling blessed or cursed.
With abundance to enrich...
Or poverty experienced in cycles that are reversed.
What is here to witness on 'this' Earth...
Is 'not' one's dress rehearsal.

From birth...
Be 'yee' and those of 'thee',

HOWEVER you may lay your 'Loo-Yahs',
In the best of pretentious praise.
These days we now live,
Are not for the fake faith seekers...
Preaching their hollow beliefs,
To maintain their materialistic thieving.
It is time to give those corrupted ideals up!

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