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Hows That Timeline Workin For Ya?

about the events of that
assaultive night

is it alright if I cant recall
off the bat
correctly as in order
if it has to do with sexual assault
and more?

ask my TREM advocate, , ,

oh no no wait, , ,
suddenly all thats over

recovery no more
canceled classes
and same old questions with are you dangerous looks?
Are you wanting to use potential force by way of a gun?

who would say that?


like the owl of the forrest

you echo
your stench
your lies
and needed accusations
so your corrupt can take flight....

here you go....
heres a 'KITE' i saved it from jail....
does your corrupt need assistance to take flight?

even paid $5bucks to see a nurse for one..
oops wait a minute
i didnt pay $5 bucks, my boyfriend had to

and soon after you destroyed that too....

you own me, don't you?
am i your toy?

well you crossed the line when you stole my one and only
real love
and then you crossed it even harder when you stole
possibility..of this someone...
and well

yes you did!

since you are saddled up and ready to ride
is it okay if i get a few hours sleep now that its light?

you have back to a place of fear..
darn you!

you do win
win you are

see me venting all the truth

scattered matter

laugh do
all is spellled wrong...

dont laugh too hard...
i have just stooped to your level

wasn't the problem
writer girl comes in
expecting errors corrected?
did i step on toes..

geeee WOW
look what I started/.

You win you do

and hey
how Mr IUU

you know

'JESSAbelle.., .'
we; 'll call him

mr sgt. to that other one
your buddy corrupt

but do leave that naval Michael out of it..
he was at least respectable and carries honor, ...


how do you do?

any kind words today for me?
or what about any infestigations
conducitng any?

NOt if I live to see the day

and geeeee
there she is again
making predictions

funny how she does that.....

ARE YOU HEARING ME CPT. of corrupt, ,
all roads lead to you..
quick duck for cover

oh you already did
its me that now ducks for cover

duck no more

duck duck goose

because now I am angry

eveb more than before

telll me CPT. corrupt

if I SAY it S.L.O, W.E.R can you understand it better?

Heres the thing....had the boss of sammamish been around, ...was that his name?
I bet none of this
would have
ever happened

or maybe his training infected it worse?

just a notion

somewhat a political bit of spilling in interest
but what about you KALSHOUSIN
computer tech for King county
now full time with another

you didnt like me either

i refused to give you what you wanted without meeting eye to eye-

well well my not friend or interest
it was you too

visiting a building
it was ithat was in

or well
gee im crazy

woulda been better had you not looked up when I called your name

what the heck were you doing there?

oh well another falsified story

in any event

you were at least to turn and burn like a talented party...

thing is-you still come from the polllution of that county,

me too
all part of one 'CLUB'

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