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Celebrate Christmas with me in the spirit of goodwill,
God's blessed nativity salvation to instil...
The host of angels sang in praises 'Christ is born! '
The Halleluyahs rang that precious sacred morn!
Their worship filled the skies! They overflowed with joy!
'Hosanna in the highest! ' they said of Mary's boy!
The Virgin Maid conceived fulfilling prophecy!
Humility achieved this noble majesty!
The promise had come true! Redemption was at hand!
Forgiveness, pardon, too! Yet who would understand?
The shepherds must be told! The Lamb of God is near!
The Lord of every fold! Immanuel is here!
Thus shepherds held their breath! 'What wondrous truth is this?
God grant us life not death! Let us partake of bliss! '
Behold! Israel, take note! The King now dwells with men!
No more will Satan gloat! Behold, God's seraphim!
Hark to the Heavenly choir! God's triumph knows no bounds!
Their anthem raises higher beyond all mortal sounds!
And still their anthem plays though centuries have passed,
Transcending nights and days, to reach your soul at last!
To tell you this new hour that God who rules above
Can fill your heart with power, with wisdom, joy and love!
Good News anoints the Earth as the pearls adorn the sea!
Savour the Saviour's birth, celebrate Christmas with me!

by Denis Martindale

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