JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Hudson Rain

I think that you love me
and I think there must be a reason
because it's something like a fairytale to me

I know you have seen the true me
am I ordinary in everyone else's eyes?
I wonder as I watch the city lights come on
where am I now?
and in what time?
I traveled thirteen years ahead
but you know I do that sometimes
if I live here now
then where are you?
I don't think I want to know
I'm so afraid that you won't be here

the rain falls into the streets
and then it goes on its way downhill
not stopping until it reaches the Hudson
and it is swept away by currents it can't control
that is how I would describe what's happening to me...
now in this moment

you might not know that you are everything
but I know it
maybe that's all that matters

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