(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Huffing And Puffing And Hoofing Up Dirt

Do you recall anything I said at all?
About feeling the need to stretch...
And not fenced in or stalled?
Exploring outside of a box that's watched.
That is the life for me!
I've considered the limitations of others...
But why should I stop,
To observe their treadmill deeds?

There is so much abundance displayed,
On this God's sphere called Earth.
Do you think I'm going to spend time corralled,
Huffing and puffing and hoofing up dirt?
I don't think so!
But don't fault me if I decide to come back,
Appearing to be laid-back in my tracks!
This is still my home and I've learned how to roam...
But the moaning and groaning you all have condoned,
Is not for me my destiny!

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