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Huge Heart
NA (15 December 1973 / London, England)

Huge Heart

Poem By Naveed Akram

My heart and soul seeks for splendor,
The beautiful ones try their poetry and words
For riches to come in the Hereafter.
I see unity as a bridge, a sign will tell,
The beloved sleeps and awakes once,
When the huger tasks are complete.
This perfectly undoes the ruin of illness,
Pure liquids are ingested to refrain from
The hissing of the Serpent, which whispers
Into the ear and wants your eyes to deceive
The parent and the boy, the son and daughter,
The family of the Heaven.

My heart has taken this soul as a medicine,
A remedy or vial that rests your dust
And happiness.
My companion in Heaven spells her name,
Understanding the thoughts in the experience,
One has been looking at other gazers,
One feels like a man or a woman.

My joys are numberless in the Garden,
With maidens that cause delight,
And milk has been with honey,
And rivers blow with the heavenly breezes
Liking the sweeping of animals
And happiness of flowers.

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Comments (7)

Congratulations on having your piece chosen as Poem of the day. Nice work. :)
Your poem just blew me away, heart and soul.
A sign will tell! Nice work.
Last two lines a superb ending to a very fine poem. Well done on Poem of the Day, Naveed. It's a very uplifting piece.
Congrats on poem of the day, Naveed