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Hugging The Rock
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Hugging The Rock

Poem By Stephen Carey

When I came to this place,
I was so nervous and worried,
Afraid of something like this,
But I had no choice, now I’m here.

When I saw you that second day,
Something in you struck me
As more beautiful than anything
And that was the first time.

Of course I wanted more,
So I stole glances at you
Every day up to this one,
So dangerously intoxicated.

I have been so lost,
In the years behind me.
With you I was found,
If for the shortest while.
So you can never know
How you have hurt me today.
That’s not the thanks I’ll give
For your gift, my shortest while.

I’m sorry if I scared you, kid.
I became a little obsessed with you,
Addicted to the happiness you gave.
I guess I’ll need to give it up.

But you threw me up so high.
I didn’t know you would let me fall
All the way to where I am now.

Now, I’m hugging the rock at
The bottom of my emotions.

But you can never know.

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