Those Annual Bills

These annual bills! these annual bills!
How many a song their discord trills
Of 'truck' consumed, enjoyed, forgot,
Since I was skinned by last year's lot!

Those joyous beans are passed away;
Those onions blithe, O where are they?
Once loved, lost, mourned-now vexing ILLS
Your shades troop back in annual bills!

And so 'twill be when I'm aground
These yearly duns will still go round,
While other bards, with frantic quills,
Shall damn and damn these annual bills!

by Mark Twain

Comments (18)

Using deodorant is a fashion of modern civilization. This poem reflects clearly.
He should use a deodorant. Really i smiled when i finished reading this. lovely poem. tony
Double-edged sword. A bit of stark truth!
They will duck from him. But what a poem. Lol. Thanks for sharing Rose.👍👍👍
He hugs everyone His hold is so tight He should use a deodorant........interesting inscription that brings me here for second time.
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