(3/12/1968 / Manhattan, KS)

You'Re Holding Out On My Sensuality

To the man with whom I have found a new horizon

You’re holding out on my sensuality
You’re creating such a need
To be touched
To be kissed
To be caressed.

You’re holding out by subtly containing yourself
Softly you touch my back,
But go no yonder
You arouse deep hunger for your touch
You’re holding the key to my sensuality

Desire has awakened
And simply will not go away
I make love to you with the softness of my lips
Finding every curve and overturn of senses
You begin to squirm and slowly the sound
Of arousal begins to churn.

Darling, kiss me in the nook of my neck
There...begins the channel for you to find me
Then caress my face
Fondle my breasts...go further...please;
Touch me with your lips...
Go searching for your goldmine and dig in deeper
If you need.

I know you loved deeply once.
I lathered myself there once, too.
But shall we succumb ourselves to ungrateful lovers of our past
Or shall we ride with our own emotions and give what we have to offer?
Share with me the tidal waves of what our passion can do
And I will give you much more
Only if you give to me too.

You’re holding out on my sensuality
It longs to ride your wave of love that I know
You once knew.
Don’t allow the inner pain to evolve, but
Let it emancipate
Into what you and I really could be.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

Comments (3)

I think it is good but I think it could be said better with slightly different wording.
5. So much potential here that didn't happen. Think about the word 'hum' - that's a great word, sounds exactly like what is. There's plenty of opportunity for sonic details like that which just don't happen. The poem is basically too generic.
another guy named Kipling... may name that as being... the burden.