AS (03/03/1990 / India)

Hum! Rum!

Hum! Hum!
Working in a hot sunny day
Hum! Hum!
Drops of sweat on us lay

Dry weather with no sign of rain
Makes us feel tired, with no interest to work
Trying to work further singing a refrain
By making all our hurdles in that sound to lurk

Lum! Lum!
Every night for us would be a boon
Hum! Hum!
Ploughing in the fields till noon

Yes! It is almost seven in the night
Our tiresome work for today is done
We quench our joyous thirst in the moonlight
Ho! Ho! Ho! Isn't every night fun

Rum! Rum! Rum!
we go to tavern
Rum! Rum! Rum!
we drink and dance
Rum! Rum! Rum!
We scold and scorn
Rum! Rum! Rum!
Till we fall into trance

We close our eyes in the night
Day swallows our beautiful night
When we wake up, with all its might
Well! Well! Well! Not to worry, darkness follows the light

Hooooo! Hoooo!
Gummmm! Gummm!
Rummmmmmmmm! Ruu

by AnilKumar Sharma

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