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Slogan against human violations
Shouting and fighting for human rights
Beating one another killing each other
Protecting human rights?

New pack of biscuits for the high breed
Yesterdays left outs for maid's kids
Master's symbol of love to fellow ones
Sharing to the needy

Beggars and the needy outside temple
Foods are served for the hunger less
Eyes of idols are covered with flowers and smokes.
Voices are heard for the rights of the human
I searched everywhere for the so called "human".

by Viju Vasanth

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Dear Viju, Exquisite write. Beggars and needy outside the temple Food served to the hungerless.....Searched everywhere for the so-called HUMAN! Wonderful. Hard-hitting words. If you read Malayalam, let me quote from the great poet Ulloor's Prema Sangeetham Atuthu nilporanujane nokkan Akshikalillathorku Aroopan Eeswaran adrisyanayaal athil enthascharyam? It is not strange that, for those who do not use their eyes to look at the brother (the poor) nearby, god almighty (who has no shape/body or who is invisible to human eyes) is invisible. Congrats. Great work. Do keep writing and sharing. Thanks.
In this age of cut throat competition and waning human sensitivities, every thing humane in human is disappearing with enormous speed. May I invite you to read my poem On Humanism and the Widow composed decades ago as both are on the same theme. I liked your Human. Thanks for sharing.10 points.