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Human After All
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Human After All

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Just as roses fade and die
Just as leaves fall off their tree
Just as water stops running
So will we

Just as oceans has their depth
Mountains have their tops
Endless fields have their fences
Also we have our limits

We are
Only flesh and blood
Only mind and thought
Only everything and nothing
Just here and now

See the women crying
See the children laughing
See the old men smiling
See these humans of
Flesh and blood
Mind and thought
Will you be one of them?

We can dance in the rain
Wipe away our tears
Hug and kiss and laugh
Push and scream and fight
We have all the options

Life is yours to spend
Listen carefully, my friend
One day it will be too late
You choose your own fate

What will you do with your life?

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I love the beginning of this poem - the first two stanzas express beautifully the transience of human life, and its borders. And the rest of the poem leads naturally to the end - 'Life is yours to spend... one day it will be too late.' Wonderful observations in one so young. Now to technicalities - in stanza 2 you use the wrong verb - should be 'oceans have, ' 'mountains have, ' 'fields have.' I'm sue 'dept' is a typo for 'depth.' And later 'Whipe' should be 'Wipe.' But - a good poem, well thought out - keep writing, I think you have things to say!