Human Again

Poem By don't ever ask

I used to think,
I wouldn't feel again,
I was wrong.
I used to think,
My heart had ceased to exist,
How silly of me.
I used to think,
That my soul and my body,
Could never fire up again,
How foolish of me.
Now i realize,
How stupid it is,
To pursue isolationism,
I have realized,
I need you
You've made me feel again,
Continue with it,
You've made me desire again,
Now i desire you,
I profess to you what I feel,
I feel love,
I thought that was impossible,
But i do so,
You turned a stone into a heart,
You turned smoke into a soul,
You've made me,
Human again.

Comments about Human Again

very beautiful poem with great metaphors.. touching.. HBH

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3,8 out of 5
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i know i can't have you,
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