Human Bomb

My body is a chemical factory
Permated and soaked to the bone
With carbon and aspertame
Herbal essence and providone

Plenty of sulfate poly-myacin
Visine, lithium and fancy stuff
Like di-alpha, prozac and thorazine
I really can't seem to get enough

I need calcium and primatine
Methycellullose and silicon
Warning! Contains C.F.C.12 and 114
I drink acetyaslicylate just for fun

With all of this stuff inside of me
I am a walking zombie don't you see
Quarts of pure alcohol and cool caffiene
Silicon dioxide and reefers of nicotine

Vapors up my nose, I sniff camphor sinex
Aloe and eucalyptus, I really need a fix
From nature's own, enfamil, I get selenium
Riboflavin, iodine and potassium

From hornet spray, I breathe in some
I need a load of coco-amphox-disec-eyum
I rub on cool aloe, I honestly can't wait

To use or comsume it all at once
Just to speed up the natural results
I'll breathe, drink and eat a great big bunch
A whole lot of each in great big gulps

I am an amazing chemical factory
I think I struck the mother lode
So caution!
Do not shake or puncture me
I simply might explode!

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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